U01A4190I’m Inês and I’m the face of “In the heart of Lisbon”. This is a family business where each of us plays a role and mine is to manage reservations and have direct contact with clients during check in and check out.

I was born in Lisbon and live in this wonderful city that I love. Over the recent years I’ve been proudly assisting to its great development. Historical areas are being recovered and the city has never been so tidy. Besides that tourism is growing and every day there are great new spots to visit and thousands of things to do.

As a passionate about traveling, sometimes I find myself confused and disappointed with the advice of touristic guides, especially when it comes to nice restaurants and places to go.

So that was the main reason that led me to create this site: to show you “my Lisbon” and mostly to inspire you to explore yours.

See you soon.
P.S. – I hope you have fun and enjoy my tips.


We are here to help you in every detail of your stay. Our main services include:

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